Check out some of these video examples of Lifting Devices from Gorbel, JD Neuhaus, Demag, and Thern:


Lifting Devices | Gorbel® G-Force

Gorbel’s G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Devices fill the void between traditional lifting devices and completely automated robotic solutions. They enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms, and provide a combination of pinpoint precision and blazing speeds that hoists and air balancers simply can’t offer.

Our Q and iQ Model Intelligent Lifting Devices use their human operator’s intelligence and adaptability for guidance but the work is done by the device. These devices will help improve productivity, reduce the cost of product damage, and minimize work-related injuries.

Please look at some examples of Gorbel’s G-Force® Lifting Devices:

G-Force Q-Model

Gorbel’s G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms. There are two G-Force® models to choose from: the Q and the iQ. The Q model is our feature packed base model. It offers the same speed and precision as our higher-end iQ model, but without the added Input/Output features that the iQ offers.

G-Force iQ-Model

  • Standard Input/Output functionality makes the product suitable for more applications out of the box
  • Ease of installation for reduced installation time costs
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • Capacities from 165 to 1320 lbs.
  • Speeds up to 200 ft. per minute
  • Can cover multiple work cells
  • AIMCO Tooling shown in video*

In-line Slide Handle 

When very low or very high pick and place points require hand-over-hand lifting. Eliminates the need to bend over to reach into deep bins or dunnage. The Force Sensing Handles offer versatility in ergonomic lifting. Compared to standard slide handles, which use displacement of the handle to initiate upward or downward motion, the new design senses force applied without any handle motion. This creates a versatile option for tooling, or elongated handles that perfectly serve applications with a wide range of motion. (Shown with AIMCO tool)

Underhung Easy Arm

There are two Easy Arm™ models to choose from: the Q and the iQ. The Q model is our feature packed base model. It offers the same speed and precision as our higher-end iQ model, but without the added Input/Output features that the iQ offers. The iQ model offers a wealth of additional intelligence features:

  • Capacity: 165 lbs.
  • Spans to 10′
  • Speeds up to 180 ft. per minute
  • Mount to a ceiling or manipulator platform
  • Cost effective turnkey solution

Lifting Devices | JD Neuhaus

J.D. Neuhaus is guided by precisely one idea: Our family, our company, our brand. The idea was created by the company’s founder in 1745, Johann Diederich Conrad Neuhaus, and resulted in his entry as “Fabrickant”, a manufacturer, in the “Sprockhövelsche Fabrickenbuch” company register. We have increased our skill in the special area of hoisting technology every day – for generations. And we have a clear goal in sight at every metre along our path: Doing things a little better than they need to be. This is our very own, deeply internalised standard for maximum quality. That is how we all work at J.D. Neuhaus. In this way, and only this way, are we able to develop and produce hoists that are unique around the world and are able to stand up to even the toughest conditions for decades. We call this “permanent excellence”.

Please look at some examples of JD Neuhaus Lifting Devices:


The new JDN Mini is the most compact hoist, with a carrying capacity of up to 980 kg and an integrated NFC tag with service app that makes it truly unique in the industry. Various innovations came together for the concept. The JDN mini was developed in close collaboration with our customers. The Mini’s profile of use shows it is capable of meeting demands for a manageable and flexible compressed air hoist. This means the Mini is perfectly suited for use in various areas of application, such as the automotive, chemistry, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

  • Carrying capacities: 125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 980 kg
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Heights of lift: 3 m, 5m, 8 m
  • Length of control: 2 m, 4 m, 7 m, max. 10 m

JDN Air Hoists PROFI

The highest quality materials, coupled with six generations of experience result in a product that is second-to-none. The air hoist PROFI is available with rope or push-button control.

  • Carrying capacities: 550 Lbs up to 100 Ton
  • Air pressure: 60 PSI (4 bar) or 87 PSI (6 bar)
  • fail-safe starting conditions, low maintenance vane motor
  • chain sprocket in the mid section runs in dust proof maintenance free ball bearings
  • planetary gear in long life grease lubrication, all teeth made of tempered or hardened high grade steel
  • chain and hook of high quality tempered steels with a breaking strength of five times the nominal load

JDN Air Hoists M Series

Due to their multiple applications they are nowadays also deployed in most different industrial fields. Basically they have the same features as the hoists of the PROFI series but operate with an air pressure of 4 bar only. Two different control systems are at your disposal.

  • Carrying capacities: 1 t up to 6 t
  • Air pressure: 4 bar
  • suitable for application in hazardous areas with danger of explosion (Explosion protection)
  • two chain falls for alternate working
  • specially suitable for horizontal pulling


They are designed in accordance with DIN 15018 stress group B4 lifting grade H2 and are available as plain trolleys, hand gear trolleys and motorized trolleys. Motorized trolleys are available with rope or push button control.

  • Carrying capacities: From 1 Ton to 20 Ton
  • Equipped with anti-drop, anti-climb devices
  • Fitted with rollers to prevent tilting
  • Able to negotiate curves. Up to 3 ton, minimum radius 20 inches (0.5m); Over 3 ton, minimum radius 40 inches (1m)
  • Trolley wheels are designed to fit tapered and paralleled beam flanges
  • Easy to install
  • Rugged and sturdy

Lifting Devices | Demag Hoist

Individual requirements need specific solutions. That is why we developed the Demag DMR modular rope hoist. You can benefit from ground-breaking flexibility in all types of applications: from stationary installations to crane applications. For the first time, a rope hoist can be built either in a C-design or co-axial design utilizing one fundametanl technology. The wide range of possible DMR applications can be extended thanks to smart interfaces and corresponding fittings and accessories.

Please look at some examples of Demag’s Lifting Devices:

DC-Pro Chain Hoist

The DC-Pro chain hoist is a highly versatile, feature-rich hoist that can be quickly installed and put into service. Many features that have to be ordered as extras on other hoists are already integrated as standard on the DC-Pro.

  • Feature-rich
  • Two lifting speeds are standard
  • Aluminium housing components with powder coating
  • Comprehensive selection of finely graded load capacities up to 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg)
  • Two suspension brackets for improved C dimension (for sizes DC 1–10)

DCM-Pro Manulift

The DCM-Pro Manulift enables you to handle loads quickly and safely with only one hand. The DCM-Pro is based on the lifting unit of the DC-Pro chain hoist and the DSM-C control unit. Thanks to the control unit which is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment, the operator only needs one hand to operate the hoist and guide the load.

  • Two hoist speeds as standard
  • Engineered for right-hand and left-hand operation
  • Convenient single-handed handling of loads weighing up to 550 lbs – Service-friendly thanks to diagnostics interface
  • Gearbox, brake and slipping clutch are maintenance-free for 10 years*

DC-Com Chain Hoist

Our DC-Com chain hoist is the right solution for your everyday needs. Designed for applications with typical requirements, DC-Com chain hoists are proven, simple and highly reliable. DC-Com units can be integrated into the rails of our KBK modular crane system or installed on I-beam girders, where our U 11–U 22 generation of trolleys provide smooth load transport.

  • Various sizes with load capacities up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 kg)
  • Standard 16 ft and 26 ft (5m and 8m) hook path
  • Optional operating limit switches up to 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg)
  • Smooth travel and low travel resistance

DC-Wind Chain Hoist

The DC-Wind chain hoist is a proven solution to maintaining and servicing wind turbines. DC-Wind’s high lifting speeds enable it to minimize maintenance and downtimes which in turn drives availability and efficiency. Additional features and benefits:

  • Safe and reliable load handling thanks to its brake/coupling system and its corrosion-protected brake featuring IP 55 protection
  • Specification to suit individual needs, lifting height and chain collector design
  • Fast main lifting speed
  • Ergonomic control pendant

Lifting Devices | Thern

Thern specializes in the design and manufacture of winches and cranes. Thern winches and cranes have established a world-wide reputation for toughness, versatility and reliability. Our ability to provide clients with a full range of services and custom-built solutions has made us a leader among our peers. Whether you need to lift, pull, tension or position — from 100 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. — Thern has the perfect product for you.

Please look at some examples of Thern’s Lifting Devices:

Power Winches

If your market demands involve challenging environments, space limitations, specialized finishes, or other unique requirements — we’re here to help you through it. Tell us about your application and we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit.

  • Capacities: 800 lbs. – 35,000 lbs.
  • Several different models available

Air Winches

Whether it’s on the surface or below ground, mining is a big industry. Thern winches and cranes are built tough to withstand the dust, dirt, grit, grime, moisture, and debris that come with the territory. For standard catalog products, contact your regional JRG Industries. If you’re not sure or need a quote, fill out our Request a Crane Quote or Request a Winch Quote form.

  • High Capacities
  • Several different models available

Hand Winches

When you need to lift, lower or position a heavy load more quickly, Thern is ready to lend a hand with the most dependable hand winches available. Our worm gear and spur gear hand winches are designed to perform better and last longer no matter what your application. From construction to maritime to manufacturing and more, our hand winches are built tough to meet the demands of the job in any environment.

Rope and Rigging

Thern winches and cranes are sold without wire rope. However, we carry standard wire rope assemblies specifically designed for use with our winches and cranes. We also offer a wide variety of hooks and special end fittings, which allow us to customize a wire rope assembly to suit your application.