Here are some video examples of Vacuum Handling from Schmalz, Unimove, and Anver:


Vacuum Handling | Schmalz

Vacuum lifters provide an ergonomic working environment. They help prevent health problems caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. Schmalz offers vacuum lifters with perfectly coordinated crane systems made of aluminum components. This means the crane systems are particularly responsive and support ergonomic work with the vacuum lifters.

Schmalz divides its product portfolio of vacuum lifters into vacuum tube lifters of the type Jumbo and vacuum lifting devices of the type VacuMaster.

Please look at some examples of Schmalz’s Vacuum Handling Systems:

Tube Lifter Jumbo

Cardboard boxes, bags, barrels, wooden boards and a variety of other applications – the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo tackles big jobs in the shortest amount of time. The intuitive operation allows you to move loads quickly, precisely and always ergonomically. It is the ideal aid for machine loading, for shipping and picking areas and for many other lifting applications. The Jumbo is characterized by its lifting unit, which contracts and extends when lifting and lowering the load. The large effective suction area confers a safe holding of the workpiece. Schmalz also offers a comprehensive range of accessories and a complete system with a highlyresponsive aluminum crane upon request.

Lifting Device VacuMaster

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster from Schmalz is the ultimate workhorse. Whether handling metal plates, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels, windows or glass sheets – the VacuMaster tackles even the heaviest tasks with weights up to several tons. For applications where many hands would normally be required, the VacuMaster allows workpieces to be handled effortlessly by just a single operator while protecting the employee’s health. For safety purposes, the aluminum load beam also serves as a vacuum reservoir. A chain hoist is re – quired for lifting or lowering motion, which Schmalz offers along with a compatible crane system.

Crane Systems and Jib Cranes

We have drawn on all of our experience and expertise as system manufacturers to create our Schmalz crane systems. Thanks to their consistently lightweight design, they are the perfect addition to your vacuum tube lifter Jumbo or vacuum lifting device VacuMaster. Whether as a jib crane or a crane system, the Schmalz modular system enables perfect integration into your working environment. Even as a stand-alone solution, the modern crane system provides numerous advantages for your benefit.

Workshop Equipment

Transport trolley for careful storage and transportation of workpieces. Shelf rods covered in solvent-resistant plastic tubes. Convenient rack for storing workpieces free of damage, can be mounted on the wall. Space-saving thanks to swiveling rakes, can be expanded to include additional rakes. Shelf rods covered in solvent-resistant plastic tubes. Transport trolley for loading and unloading table and upright saws. Infinitely variable lifting and lowering of workpiece with easy-to-use trolley lifter. Mechanical swiveling unit to swivel workpieces from a vertical position to horizontal position and vice versa.


Vacuum Handling | Unimove

UNIMOVE, LLC. Is the original US manufacturer of ergonomic vacuum tube lifters. Standard and custom attachments are offered for a wide variety of material handling applications. UNIMOVE’s systems are superior in quality, durability, and reliability to any other lifter on the market, with the highest lifting capacities in the industry for both porous and non-porous loads.

The UniMove enclosed, pulley driven Power Units allow us to operate the pump at over 5,000 rpm’s. This speed gives the UniMove the highest capacities for our 5″ and 7″ systems, and they make the UniMove significantly more effective in overcoming highly porous surfaces.

See “Power Unit” tab for rated vacuum levels on these pumps.

Please look at some examples of Unimove’s Vacuum Handling Systems:

Lift Tubes

UNIMOVE, LLC introduces the first copolymer resin tube for vacuum tube lifters. Called the Rhino Tube, it is a significant improvement in the overall quality and reliability for any vacuum lift system. It is the perfect complement for the UniMove’s standard all stainless steel construction. UniMove is the original “Made in America” vacuum tube lifter and has been the benchmark of the industry for over 22 years. At that time UniTech introduced a new lift tube construction which consisted of high tensile wire enclosed in neoprene impregnated cloth, and an outer wrap of polyester tape. It was particularly sensitive to skewing if the end-effectors or the loads were unbalanced.


All filter elements are High Efficient paper rated at 10 microns, and are 99.4% efficient in removing particles down to 1 micron. These added filters help prolong the life of the vacuum pump by blocking the unwanted particles that may be sucked into the tube during lifting. Unimove offers highly efficient filters that are capable of preventing damage to the pump to ensure operators have an ergonomic lift that lasts longer than other competitors. Some products offered are: Powder Coated Black Steel Housing, filter element, Stainless Steel Housing, Hi-Capacity Cyclonic filter element, Cyclonic filter housing.

Power Units

The UniMove enclosed, pulley driven power units operate at 5,000 rpm. This speed on the hi-capacity compressors is nearly 50% greater than a direct drive Power Unit operating at 3450 rpm. The end result is far greater capability to compensate for air loss in highly porous loads.

All Power Units operate at approximately 72 – 73 dbA. To reduce this sound level, hi-temp exhaust hose can be clamped to Outlet/Exhaust pipe and directed away from the operating area.


UniMove’s controls are ergonomically designed to eliminate lifting related back injuries, and to minimize operator fatigue, especially in the wrist, in repetitive lifting tasks. We have designed the UniMove with hand controls that are fully adjustable and in an orientation that promotes a healthy wrist angle throughout the lifting range. Automatic Balance Control is one of the ergonomic features of a vacuum lifter that is unique to the UniMove. Whether the lifter has no load, or for any weight load up to the maximum capacity, the UniMove can be immediately and automatically balanced at any height within the low and high lift range limits


Vacuum Handling | Anver

Suction Cups, Vacuum Cups, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Lifts, Vacuum System Components and Vacuum Lifting Equipment for All Applications – Trusted Quality Made in the USA since 1968

A Full Range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups and Vacuum Cups, Air, Mechanical and Electric Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems. We are the leading North American manufacturer of Vacuum Material Handling Equipment, Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum System Components. Anver designs and builds its equipment in Hudson, MA, USA and sells worldwide.

Please look at some examples of Anver’s Vacuum Handling Systems:

Mechanical, Air, and Electric Powered Vacuum Lifters

ANVER’S Standard Vacuum Lifters offer efficient material handling solutions by promoting functionality, safety, and ergonomic operations for a wide variety of applications and materials. Standard lifting frames are built to order from stock using modular components, so there are hundreds of possible combinations depending on the vacuum generator, beam, crossarms, and vacuum cups selected.

Basic features on ANVER’s Standard Horizontal Vacuum Lifters include: vacuum leakage sensor and warning system; attach/release slide valve with safety lock; and locking hand knobs on the adjustable vacuum pad, slide assemblies, and crossarms (when applicable).

Powered Vacuum Lifters / Tilters with Powered Tilting

Our Vacuum Lifters/Tilters are designed to significantly reduce the effort of upending heavy loads while providing powerful suction force and 90 degree tilt capability. Built with safety in mind, these lifters/tilters are loaded with protective features including: a VLS-08, 9V battery powered vacuum leakage sensor and warning system; an attach/release slide valve with safety lock; and locking knobs on the adjustable vacuum pad, slide assemblies, and crossarms (when applicable). The ET and AT Series Lifters/Tilters are capacity rated at a maximum vacuum level of 24 in. Hg (609.6 mm Hg) with a 4:1 safety factor on vacuum holding (unless otherwise specified).

Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems Model Overview

NVER VT Series Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are ergonomic lift assist devices designed for high production use. With their continuous duty cycle, unlimited starts and stops per minute are possible, and the vacuum attachment to and release of the load is instantaneous. These systems grab the load (via vacuum suction), support, lift and lower the load without the use of a hoist, all by means of a single operator control. The use of vacuum suction pads for attachment allows objects to be lifted without fear of damage to the surface or edges of the product, often caused by manual lifts or grabs. A Power Loss Safety Check Valve built into the 360-degree top swivel slowly lowers the load if power supply to the vacuum pump is interrupted.

Custom Powered Vacuum Lifters with Powered Tilting/Flipping

ANVER offers custom vacuum lifters with powered tilting and 180 degree flipping/upending for easy one-person load manipulation are available in lifting capacities up to 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more depending on your needs. These vacuum lifters are available with either electric or air powered tilt capabilities and can be manufactured to hold one or multiple vacuum pads.

Contact ANVER for more information regarding vacuum lifting and tilting end effectors, or fill out a Lifter Info/Quote Request Form and a Sales Engineer will respond to your request shortly.