Roll Handling | Schlumpf USA

Endless Possibilities…..When you’re confronted with unique challenges, you need an experienced and trusted partner that will deliver roll, shaft and material handling solutions so you can concentrate on your business.

Schlumpf works with some of the world’s best known companies across industries as diverse as Aerospace, Consumer, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Converting and many others.

Please look at some examples of Schlumpf’s Roll Handling Devices:

Hoist Based Roll Handlers

The VRL family of Lifters is designed for handling rolls in a vertical position. They are offered in many standard configurations and can be customized for special application requirements. The VRL-TA series can be used to tilt rolls between horizontal and vertical. Capacities to 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg)

Portable Shaft Handlers

Schlumpf offers heavy duty shaft handlers with the ability to lift, turn and rotate air shafts and shafted products. Custom tooling is available as an option to ensure the handler is equipped with the capabilities to do exactly what you need it to do and improve production floor. Capacities up to 2,200 lbs (1000 kg)

Schlumpf’s ESH portable electric shaft handling machines are versatile tools for many shaft handling applications. Designed for portability, ease of use and flexibility, this 24 volt battery powered shaft handling machines make lifting, inserting, extracting and transporting heavy shafts, reel spools and tissue core plugs safe and easy.

Customized Handling

Schlumpf manipulators are designed to maximize operator efficiency and ergonomics in handling awkward or heavy materials and products. The units reduce and or eliminate stressful repetitive motions by virtually eliminating the effects of gravity to create a “zero-gravity, five-axis” work cell. Stainless Steel Construction Pallet Stackers and Roll Handlers are suited for use in clean room and food grade production environments and are customized to the specific application. Meeting strict regulatory application specifications through custom engineering is a specialty of ours.

Expanding Mandrels and Accessories

Schlumpf Universal Mandrels are at the heart of all Schlumpf handling systems, enabling our devices to lift and turn rolled materials by securely gripping the inside of the rolls paper, plastic or metal core, without slipping, and without substantial damage to the core. Universal Mandrels fit all types of Schlumpf handling equipment and can be changed in seconds without tools.