Check out some of these video examples of Industrial Manipulators from AIMCO Manufacturing (pneumatic) and Unidex (electric):

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Industrial Manipulators | AIMCO Manufacturing

AIMCO incorporates shop air to power pneumatics for hoist, air balancers, torque arms, rotary actuators, clamps, grippers and a slew of other devices. For most work cells and applications, this is a great advantage as it requires less installation time and more cost savings. For more details on these devices, choose a category from the choices below. If you have any questions on our products, please send them to

Please look at some examples of AIMCO’s Industrial Manipulators:


KickLIFT’s are ideal for load manipulation in low headroom environments. Lifting arms provide the ability to reach-in, around, and under obstructions while providing a safe and secure means of load handling. These systems were first developed for part/rack transfer on overhead moving conveyor lines. The arm’s simplicity of design, reliability and modest cost has fostered many other industrial lift assist uses. End of Arm Tooling for AIMCO’s articulated lifting arms range from simple lifting forks to custom grippers with Mechanical or Vacuum Grabs.


AIMCO’s StackerLIFT Low Headroom Pneumatic Lift provides maximum lift in work areas where headroom is a premium and payload reach-out is required. Ergonomically designed for hard to access work areas, the lift features capacities up to 150 Lbs and vertical lift up to 10 feet. The StackerLIFT is also equipped with AIMCO’s exclusive, patent pending, Pneumatic Overload Circuit which eliminates unsafe lifting conditions and protects delicate payloads. Several options are available including additional safety features and custom end effectors.


The TorqueLIFT provides a rigid “load arm” between the work piece and the crane, allowing loads to be securely handled and manipulated. Off center load handling, reach-in applications, and changes in product orientation can be easily accomplished in a safe, ergonomic manner. It employs a lifting cylinder combined with a guide shaft and linear bearing combination. The guide shaft prevents the lifting cylinder from experiencing any effect of side load that could cause binding or rod & seal damage. A wrist swivel with end effector mounting plate provides rotation capability for precise tool orientation and positioning of loads.

Ergonomic Handles

Particularly for applications requiring vertical strokes beyond 48 inches, an Ergonomic Handlebar is crucial to maintaining a safe and comfortable experience for the operator. Pivoting Handlebars are the most economic solution to staying within the “ergonomic zone”. This design incorporates parallel linkages and gas shocks to counter-balance the weight of the operator’s control handles, and comes with 25 inches of travel. Vertical Slide Handles utilize a pneumatically balanced circuit that keeps the operator’s control handles in a floating-state. Vertical strokes range from 20” – 40”. Automatic Clamp and Unclamp (ACU) uses an internal mechanism to actuate a tool, and can use various styles of handles/ controls.


Industrial Manipulators | Unidex

Standard & Engineered-To-Order Material Handling Manipulators, Lifts & Work Positioners

If you are looking for ergonomic solutions to operate more efficiently and safely, then contact Unidex for material handling equipment that helps you improve your production process and enhance your cost-competitiveness. Unidex designs and manufactures ergonomic material handling equipment including: Customized Material Handling Manipulators, Lean Manufacturing Assembly Systems, End Effectors and Tooling, Industrial Manipulators, Mobile Lifts and Positioners, Work Positioners, Portable Lifts and Tables, Adjustable Height Workstations, Welding Manipulators and Positioners, and Stainless Steel Equipment.Whether mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic, Unidex products are reliable and easy to operate. Our products are backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty and are available factory-direct or from dealers and distributors in the United States and Canada

Please look at some examples of Undiex’s Industrial Manipulators:

Overhead Mounted Industrial Manipulator

UM Series underhung/overhead manipulators feature a manipulator mounted to an overhead traveling system. Taking advantage of the X and Y axis movement offered by bridge cranes, they are designed to perform the work of several machines and can stabilize out-of-balance loads that cannot be handled by swinging or dangling hoists. The unique design of Unidex UM Series manipulators offers reach-in flexibility for machine loading and unloading in applications such as the handling of castings, parts or tooling, paper or film rolls, and stacking and reaching into restricted areas such as ovens, parts washers, racks, presses, and other equipment.

EH Series Electric-Hydraulic Manipulators

EH Series manipulators combine the features of a medium-duty lifter and a manipulator for loads up to 500 lbs. Elevation, tilt, overhead reach, and rotational motion features allow easy access and appropriate positioning of objects. Two articulating arms offer up to 96 inches of horizontal reach.EH Series manipulators provide compact, economical lifting and positioning solutions for moving rolls, sheets, coils, boxes, pails, bags, shafts, frames, and other loads. Typical applications include product assembly, component building and transfer, welding, repair operations, and other work lifting and positioning.

ECL Series Electric Column Lift

Manipulators provide increased lifting power and the capability for fine height adjustment in applications where close tolerance positioning is critical. The electrically-powered chain/sprocket drive provides lifting and lowering while the end-of-arm controls provide three-speed vertical height adjustment. Articulating arms are available with radial reaches up to 96 inches. The unique linkage design allows smooth, continuous movement throughout the work area. Horizontal movement is not restricted by vertical supports, cabling, or vacuum hoses. This permits the arm to maintain the attitude of the load for reach-in or reach-under applications.

AO Series Air/Oil Hydraulic Lift Manipulators

For effortless lifting and unobstructed reach, AO Series manipulators offer strong lifting and positioning power in compact, easy-to-operate units. Running quietly and trouble-free on shop air and a self-contained oil supply, AO Series manipulators are provided with low and high points of the lift stroke determined by your specific application requirements. Its non-electric operation is ideal for C1D1 areas. Articulating arms are available with radial reaches up to 96 inches. The unique linkage design allows smooth, continuous movement throughout the work area. Horizontal movement is not restricted by vertical supports, cabling, or vacuum hoses. This permits the arm to maintain the attitude of the load for reach-in or reach-under applications.