The History of JRG

JRG Handling Systems is an ergonomic material handling, special engineered cranes, and hoists company. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, and serve both the Texas and Louisiana areas. Our strategy may sound old fashioned, but integrity and honesty is what has built our family owned business since 1983. We pay great attention to our customers needs, always deal with customers directly, and frequently provide in plant demonstrations.

Quality products and excellent service is what we have built our companies foundation on for years, and is what earns our customers repetitive business. Building the best ergonomic lift assist, with our array of the industries best products, has been a successful recipe leaving hundreds of satisfied customers for decades. We personally inspect and oversee all aspects in an engineered system, from part specifications, purchased components, and installation. Please contact us today for assistance with your applications. We welcome inquiries nationwide and are eager to discuss your next material handling project!

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Engineering Services

JRG offers engineering services for designing a work cell to your needs.

Installation and Setup

After an installation, we will make sure your crane and tooling is up and running.

On Time Delivery

We strive to meet our lead times by managing the projects start to finish.

We Are Passionate

We enjoy to bringing the best, long lasting solution to our customers.

Why Use an Industrial Lift Assist?

-Reduce workplace injuries
-Reduce downtime from injuries
-Increase productivity
-Reduce operator fatigue
-Prevent long term injuries
-Prevent MSD’s (Musculoskeletal Disorders)

What Causes MSD's?

-Repetitive motion
-Repetitive placing, grasping, or moving objects
-Repetitive use of tools
-Typing or key entry
-Awkward or sustained postures
-Forceful exertion or strain
-Contact pressure
-Exposure to vibration

What are Symptoms of MSD's?

-Pain in fingers, wrists, or other parts of the body
-Tingling or numbness in hands/fingers
-Swelling, inflammation, joint stiffness
-Loss of muscle function/weakness
-Discomfort or pain in shoulders, neck, or back
-Muscle tightness
-Range of motion loss
-Clumsiness/ loss of coordination

How Can MSD's Be Prevented?

-Proper workstation design
-Tool design
-Mechanical lifting devices
-Operator training
-Continuous evaluation

What Are MSD's?

-MSD’s are ergonomic injuries that could be prevented with equipment
-They account for 1/3 of missed days for injuries
-Common injuries include sprains, strains, inflammation, degeneration, tears, pinched nerves/blood vessels, and bone splintering
-On average, 14 days of work are missed due to reported MSD’s
-These types of injuries cost companies millions of dollars each year in medical bills
Hurting Back
Back Pain
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