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Vacuum Handling | Schmalz | Unimove | Anver


Vacuum Handling can be a huge benefit to a wide range of applications. Help your company improve on its ergonomic capabilities by incorporating vacuum handling in your day to day operations. We proudly represent:

Check out some of these video examples of Vacuum Handling from Schmalz, Unimove, and Anver:




Vacuum Handling | Schmalz


Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems: Tube Lifter Jumbo, Lifting Device VacuMaster, Crane Systems/Jib Cranes, and Workshop Equipment


Vacuum lifters provide an ergonomic working environment. They help prevent health problems caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. Schmalz offers vacuum lifters with perfectly coordinated crane systems made of aluminum components. This means the crane systems are particularly responsive and support ergonomic work with the vacuum lifters.


Schmalz divides its product portfolio of vacuum lifters into vacuum tube lifters of the type Jumbo and vacuum lifting devices of the type VacuMaster.


Please look at some examples of Schmalz's Vacuum Handling Systems:

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Vacuum Handling | Unimove


Unimove Vacuum Lift Equipment


UNIMOVE, LLC. Is the original US manufacturer of ergonomic vacuum tube lifters. Standard and custom attachments are offered for a wide variety of material handling applications. UNIMOVE’s systems are superior in quality, durability, and reliability to any other lifter on the market, with the highest lifting capacities in the industry for both porous and non-porous loads.

The UniMove enclosed, pulley driven Power Units allow us to operate the pump at over 5,000 rpm’s. This speed gives the UniMove the highest capacities for our 5″ and 7″ systems, and they make the UniMove significantly more effective in overcoming highly porous surfaces.

See “Power Unit” tab for rated vacuum levels on these pumps.


Please look at some examples of Unimove's Vacuum Handling Systems:

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Vacuum Handling | Anver


Suction Cups, Vacuum Cups, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Lifts, Vacuum System Components and Vacuum Lifting Equipment for All Applications – Trusted Quality Made in the USA since 1968


A Full Range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups and Vacuum Cups, Air, Mechanical and Electric Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems. We are the leading North American manufacturer of Vacuum Material Handling Equipment, Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum System Components. Anver designs and builds its equipment in Hudson, MA, USA and sells worldwide.


Please look at some examples of Schmalz's Vacuum Handling Systems:

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